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Date: 2/6/01 4:38:42 PM Pacific Standard Time 
From: 8IF724 

Hi Andy, 

I am home recuperating from four long, hard days of labor (I actually did physical labor alongside your YOUNG guys as it was more productive to be helping and move pea gravel, soil, grade, re-plant as they finished each section) plus poor me... (sob, sob) my assistant got sick on Sunday so I had to take over and do the Antique Show and haul all of our donated large plants out, set up tent and sell, etc., and I want to tell you that my age is really showing today! Your young worker Jorge asked me in Spanish how old I was and when I told him, he couldn't believe how strong I was. I laughed and laughed because he didn't know how achey I was at night and could barely haul myself out of bed in the a.m. but that's alright, let him think I'm strong. I'm strong mentally! 

Anyhow, I can't tell you how emotional I am about this fence. Nobody but my teacher maybe could understand the meaning it has to me, but 6 long years of wanting it and knowing that other things had to come first and then have to wait after each year's garden tour to have funds for the next year's project, and finally to get it built in such a beautiful manner. I loved working with those guys. What wonderful people, I would want my daughter (if I had one) to marry Enrique he is so special. It was more collaboration than the greenhouse benches and maybe that's why I am so proud of what they (you) did. without your help, it just couldn't have been accomplished... Your being able to seize the concept and how to build it like I wanted and make it turn out so beautiful (to me, it's a piece of artwork) the safety issues, and keep the costs down. I am truly over-whelmed at your support, you are such a giving person to your community. I think I'll find you and John Bourget sitting at the gates of heaven when I go (if I go there). I also appreciate Kathy lending her moral support for you to do these kinds of projects as well, or if she owns part of the company then it's more than her moral support! I know you told me how much she does actually in the classrooms to support teachers at your daughter's school I believe. 

I'm sorry to ramble but the last thing I want to say is that I wish you were there when so many teachers and miscellaneous people on campus were attracted to the fence to come over and talk ("over the fence")... about the fence, how it was made, etc about the gardens, how long have they been there... (the fence makes people suddenly notice the gardens), and just an inviting atmosphere to stop by... That's what I hoped for and it really makes me emotional because of that. The lousy asphalt that I've tried to get removed for six years isn't going to happen while I'm there, but now there's this warm, inviting place for students to work in, teachers, visitors to come by and talk, inquire. It takes away the ugliness of the current quad condition and that's what the teachers who stopped by said as well. 

You can't bid that. You and your crew helped us create something that is more valuable than the cost of the wood and wire and I can't thank you enough for that. 

When I get some photos back, we'll put something together from the students and teachers but just wanted to empty my heart while it was so filled today. 

Bonnie Freeman

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